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Selling a Practice with Practice Lister

The easiest way to list your private practice for sale nationally. We recognize that this is one of the largest transitions in your career, don’t limit yourself to listing solely through the local dental association.

Why listing on Practicelist is beneficial to you


Reach a wider national audience of potential buyers


The only nationally unaffiliated dental office and private practice marketplace


Practicelister provides Sellers with access to detailed analytics and insights, helping you better understand who is looking at your listings and their details and making it easier to connect with qualified buyers than ever before.


Practicelister’s search engine optimization capabilities ensure that your listing is seen by more potential buyers than ever before. Don’t waste money on local sales platforms that miss everyone out of your state.


Sellers who list on Practicelister have access to tools such as automated notifications and an easy message system that keep them up-to-date on market activities and interest in their listings. Plus brokers/sellers can add in a automated non-disclosure form to save time for both parties.


Advanced security measures protect sensitive data from unauthorized viewings

How PracticeLister Helps

Are you a dental practitioner or broker looking to sell a private practice or dental office? Look no further than practicelister, the only non-affiliated national dental office listing agency. By listing your dental office for sale on practicelister, you can be assured that your listing will receive maximum exposure. Not only will potential buyers have access to your listing, but they will also be able to see other dental practices for sale throughout the country. By utilizing practicelister’s extensive network and modern SEO, you can increase the number of views to your listing and ultimately increase the selling price of your dental practice. With no hidden fees and a user-friendly platform, practicelister is the ideal marketplace for selling a private practice.

practices for sale

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