dentist offices for sale

What is PracticeLister?

PracticeLister is revolutionizing the way Dentists buy and sell practices. Centralizing the marketplace for both buyers and sellers, PracticeLister makes ownership transactions fairer, simpler, and faster than ever before. Simply put, PracticeLister equips all Dentists with the knowledge needed to make informed buying/selling decisions in less time. Whether you are looking to buy a practice or transition out of ownership, PracticeLister is proud to serve you in the next step of your journey.

The New Way to Buy and Sell

Before: Buying and selling Dental practices was tedious and time consuming, costing Dentists endless hours of time over the span of anywhere between 6-36 months. Dentists were forced to make uninformed decisions about tremendous, life-changing transitions because information on the dental marketplace was intentionally kept hidden.

Today: PracticeLister provides Dentists on both sides of the transaction with transparent information in a simple and efficient manner. With PracticeLister, Buyers and Sellers are fully informed on the market and make decisions with confidence.

Dentists at the Center

Can you imagine buying or selling a new home without being able to see what similar houses in your neighborhood are selling for? Until PracticeLister, this is how Dental Offices were bought and sold. Dentists everywhere now have access to information about current listings and are taking charge of their practice ownership journey.

PracticeLister provides Dentists with realtime, accurate data about current Practices for sale. Equipped with tools like comprehensive search and free valuation calculators, Dentists no longer have to fear making the wrong decision about their practice purchase or sale.

Why was PracticeLister

PracticeLister was created to provide a comprehensive online platform for Dentists and Brokers looking to buy or sell private practices. You can finally see all available Practices in one convenient place. This transparency makes the dream of ownership more accessible. PracticeLister is the first centralized, unbiased marketplace for Dental Practice transitions. Using PracticeLister, Buyers and Brokers maximize their time and results.

dentist offices for sale